Courage— The same, with hope of avoyding that Hurt by resistance, COURAGE.

Anger— Sudden Courage, ANGER.

Confidence— Constant Hope, CONFIDENCE of our selves.

Diffidence— Constant Despayre, DIFFIDENCE of our selves.

Indignation— Anger for great hurt done to another, when we conceive the same to be done by Injury, INDIGNATION.

Benevolence— Desire of good to another, BENEVOLENCE, GOOD WILL, CHARITY. If to man generally, GOOD NATURE.

Covetousnesse— Desire of Riches, COVETOUSNESSE: a name used alwayes in signification of blame; because men contending for them, are displeased with one anothers attaining them; though the desire in it selfe, be to be blamed, or allowed, according to the means by which those Riches are sought.

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