Rainbow Valley

“If I can’t tell lies what’s to become of me?” said Mary with a sob. “YOU don’t understand. You don’t know anything about it. You’ve got a home and a kind father—though it does seem to me that he isn’t more’n about half there. But anyway he doesn’t lick you, and you get enough to eat such as it is—though that old aunt of yours doesn’t know ANYTHING about cooking. Why, this is the first day I ever remember of feeling ‘sif I’d enough to eat. I’ve been knocked about all of my life, ‘cept for the two years I was at the asylum. They didn’t lick me there and it wasn’t too bad, though the matron was cross. She always looked ready to bite my head off a nail. But Mrs. Wiley is a holy terror, that’s what SHE is, and I’m just scared stiff when I think of going back to her.”

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