Rainbow Valley

She flung herself over against the wall of the garret with a slam.

“Oh, Mary,” said Una, pushing a tender arm over Mary’s uncompromising back, “don’t talk like that. I DO like you ever so much. And you make me feel so bad.”

No answer. Presently Una gave a sob. Instantly Mary squirmed around again and engulfed Una in a bear’s hug.

“Hush up,” she ordered. “Don’t go crying over what I said. I was as mean as the devil to talk that way. I orter to be skinned alive—and you all so good to me. I should think you WOULD like any one better’n me. I deserve every licking I ever got. Hush, now. If you cry any more I’ll go and walk right down to the harbour in this night-dress and drown myself.”

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