Rainbow Valley

“This thing has gone far enough, Anne dearie,” said Miss Cornelia resolutely. “Something must be done. WHO is this creature who is staying at the manse and where does she come from?”

“I understood she was a little girl from over-harbour who was visiting at the manse,” answered Anne, who saw the comical side of the codfish chase and secretly thought Rilla was rather vain and needed a lesson or two.

“I know all the over-harbour families who come to our church and that imp doesn’t belong to any of them,” retorted Miss Cornelia. “She is almost in rags and when she goes to church she wears Faith Meredith’s old clothes. There’s some mystery here, and I’m going to investigate it, since it seems nobody else will. I believe she was at the bottom of their goings-on in Warren Mead’s spruce bush the other day. Did you hear of their frightening his mother into a fit?”

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