Rainbow Valley

“Why, Sarah Kirk is a Methodist,” said Miss Cornelia, much as if Susan had suggested a Hottentot as a manse bride.

“She would likely turn Presbyterian if she married Mr. Meredith,” retorted Susan.

Miss Cornelia shook her head. Evidently with her it was, once a Methodist, always a Methodist.

“Sarah Kirk is entirely out of the question,” she said positively. “And so is Emmeline Drew—though the Drews are all trying to make the match. They are literally throwing poor Emmeline at his head, and he hasn’t the least idea of it.”

“Emmeline Drew has no gumption, I must allow,” said Susan. “She is the kind of woman, Mrs. Dr. dear, who would put a hot-water bottle in your bed on a dog-night and then have her feelings hurt because you were not grateful. And her mother was a very poor housekeeper.

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