Rainbow Valley

He said some one told him she was working the child to death and not half feeding and clothing it. You know, Anne dearie, it has always been my habit neither to make nor meddle with those over-harbour folks. But I shall send Marshall over to-morrow to find out the rights of this if he can. And THEN I’ll speak to the minister. Mind you, Anne dearie, the Merediths found this girl literally starving in James Taylor’s old hay barn. She had been there all night, cold and hungry and alone. And us sleeping warm in our beds after good suppers.”

“The poor little thing,” said Anne, picturing one of her own dear babies, cold and hungry and alone in such circumstances. “If she has been ill-used, Miss Cornelia, she mustn’t be taken back to such a place. I was an orphan once in a very similar situation.”

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