Rainbow Valley

“Stepmothers are AWFUL creatures,” Mary went on. “I could make your blood run cold if I was to tell you all I know about ‘em. The Wilson kids across the road from Wiley’s had a stepmother. She was just as bad to ‘em as Mrs. Wiley was to me. It’ll be awful if you get a stepmother.”

“I’m sure we won’t,” said Una tremulously. “Father won’t marry anybody else.”

“He’ll be hounded into it, I expect,” said Mary darkly. “All the old maids in the settlement are after him. There’s no being up to them. And the worst of stepmothers is, they always set your father against you. He’d never care anything about you again. He’d always take her part and her children’s part. You see, she’d make him believe you were all bad.”

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