Rainbow Valley

She tried to talk to me one day about Aunt Martha being such a dirty housekeeper; and I wanted to say, ‘Every one knows that YOU have been seen mixing up cakes in the kitchen wash-pan, Mrs. Leander Crawford!’ But I did not say it, Mrs. Dr. dear, because I have too much respect for myself to condescend to argue with the likes of her. But I could tell worse things than THAT of Mrs. Leander Crawford, if I was disposed to gossip. And as for Mrs. Alec Davis, if she had said that to me, Mrs. Dr. dear, do you know what I would have said? I would have said, ‘I have no doubt you would like to spank Faith, Mrs. Davis, but you will never have the chance to spank a minister’s daughter either in this world or in that which is to come.’”

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