Rainbow Valley

“If poor Faith had only been decently dressed,” lamented Miss Cornelia again, “it wouldn’t have been quite that bad. But that dress looked dreadful, as she stood there upon the platform.”

“It was clean, though, Mrs. Dr. dear,” said Susan. “They ARE clean children. They may be very heedless and reckless, Mrs. Dr. dear, and I am not saying they are not, but they NEVER forget to wash behind their ears.”

“The idea of Faith forgetting what day was Sunday,” persisted Miss Cornelia. “She will grow up just as careless and impractical as her father, believe ME. I suppose Carl would have known better if he hadn’t been sick. I don’t know what was wrong with him, but I think it very likely he had been eating those blueberries that grew in the graveyard. No wonder they made him sick. If I was a Methodist I’d try to keep my graveyard cleaned up at least.”

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