Rainbow Valley

“You have the whole world at your doorstep here,” said John Meredith, with a long breath. “What a view—what an outlook! At times I feel stifled down there in the Glen. You can breathe up here.”

“It is calm to-night,” said Rosemary laughing. “If there were a wind it would blow your breath away. We get ‘a’ the airts the wind can blow’ up here. This place should be called Four Winds instead of the Harbour.”

“I like wind,” he said. “A day when there is no wind seems to me DEAD. A windy day wakes me up.” He gave a conscious laugh. “On a calm day I fall into day dreams. No doubt you know my reputation, Miss West. If I cut you dead the next time we meet don’t put it down to bad manners. Please understand that it is only abstraction and forgive me—and speak to me.”

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