Rainbow Valley

“If you mean that he will wantonly precipitate a great war I hardly think so,” said Mr. Meredith. “The day has gone by for that sort of thing.”

“Bless you, it hasn’t,” rumbled Ellen. “The day never goes by for men and nations to make asses of themselves and take to the fists. The millenniun isn’t THAT near, Mr. Meredith, and YOU don’t think it is any more than I do. As for this Kaiser, mark my words, he is going to make a heap of trouble”—and Miss Ellen prodded her book emphatically with her long finger. “Yes, if he isn’t nipped in the bud he’s going to make trouble. WE’LL live to see it—you and I will live to see it, Mr. Meredith. And who is going to nip him? England should, but she won’t. WHO is going to nip him? Tell me that, Mr. Meredith.”

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