Rainbow Valley

“Nonsense,” she said, and laughed, a little too carelessly. “You see a beau for me in every bush, Ellen. Why he told me all about his wife to-night—how much she was to him—how empty her death had left the world.”

“Well, that may be HIS way of courting,” retorted Ellen. “Men have all kinds of ways, I understand. But don’t forget your promise, Rosemary.”

“There is no need of my either forgetting or remembering it,” said Rosemary, a little wearily. “YOU forget that I’m an old maid, Ellen. It is only your sisterly delusion that I am still young and blooming and dangerous. Mr. Meredith merely wants to be a friend—if he wants that much itself. He’ll forget us both long before he gets back to the manse.”

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