Rainbow Valley

“Yes. I’ve been thinking it over for some time. I have often thought of adopting a child, since my husband’s death. But it seemed so hard to get a suitable one. It is very few children I would want to take into MY home. I wouldn’t think of taking a home child—some outcast of the slums in all probability. And there is hardly ever any other child to be got. One of the fishermen down at the harbour died last fall and left six youngsters. They tried to get me to take one, but I soon gave them to understand that I had no idea of adopting trash like that. Their grandfather stole a horse. Besides, they were all boys and I wanted a girl—a quiet, obedient girl that I could train up to be a lady. Una will suit me exactly. She would be a nice little thing if she was properly looked after—so different from Faith. I would never dream of adopting Faith.

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