Rainbow Valley

As Mr. Meredith went through his gate Dr. Blythe and Mrs. Blythe drove past on the road that led to Lowbridge. The minister’s face fell. Mrs. Blythe was going away—there was no use in going to Ingleside. And he craved a little companionship more than ever. As he gazed rather hopelessly over the landscape the sunset light struck on a window of the old West homestead on the hill. It flared out rosily like a beacon of good hope. He suddenly remembered Rosemary and Ellen West. He thought that he would relish some of Ellen’s pungent conversation. He thought it would be pleasant to see Rosemary’s slow, sweet smile and calm, heavenly blue eyes again. What did that old poem of Sir Philip Sidney’s say?—“continual comfort in a face”—that just suited her. And he needed comfort.

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