Rainbow Valley

Ritchie Warren would have overwhelmed Dan with worse “names” than Dan had called Faith. But Walter could not—simply could not—“call names.” He knew he would get the worst of it. He could never conceive or utter the vulgar, ribald insults of which Dan Reese had unlimited command. And as for the trial by fist, Walter couldn’t fight. He hated the idea. It was rough and painful—and, worst of all, it was ugly. He never could understand Jem’s exultation in an occasional conflict. But he wished he COULD fight Dan Reese. He was horribly ashamed because Faith Meredith had been insulted in his presence and he had not tried to punish her insulter. He felt sure she must despise him. She had not even spoken to him since Dan had called her pig-girl. He was glad when they came to the parting of the ways.

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