Rainbow Valley

“I vow you’ve got spunk, after all—I like spunk. Come, sit down—sit down!”

“I will not.” Faith’s eyes flashed more passionately. She thought she was being made fun of—treated contemptuously. She would have enjoyed another explosion of rage, but this cut deep. “I will not sit down in your house. I am going home. But I am glad I came back here and told you exactly what my opinion of you is.”

“So am I—so am I,” chuckled Norman. “I like you—you’re fine—you’re great. Such roses—such vim! Did I call her cheese-face? Why, she never smelt a cheese. Sit down. If you’d looked like that at the first, girl! So you’ll write my name under the devil’s picture, will you? But he’s black, girl, he’s black—

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