Rainbow Valley

and I’m red. It won’t do—it won’t do! And you hope I’ll have the Scotch fiddle, do you? Lord love you, girl, I had IT when I was a boy. Don’t wish it on me again. Sit down—sit in. We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness.”

“No, thank you,” said Faith haughtily.

“Oh, yes, you will. Come, come now, I apologize, girl—I apologize. I made a fool of myself and I’m sorry. Man can’t say fairer. Forget and forgive. Shake hands, girl—shake hands. She won’t—no, she won’t! But she must! Look-a-here, girl, if you’ll shake hands and break bread with me I’ll pay what I used to to the salary and I’ll go to church the first Sunday in every month and I’ll make Kitty Alec hold her jaw. I’m the only one in the clan can do it. Is it a bargain, girl?”

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