Rainbow Valley

Wilson’s tea is shallamagouslem. I swear she makes it out of burdocks. Don’t take any of the ungodly black liquid—here’s some milk for you. What did you say your name was?”


“No name that—no name that! I can’t stomach such a name. Got any other?”

“No, sir.”

“Don’t like the name, don’t like it. There’s no smeddum to it. Besides, it makes me think of my Aunt Jinny. She called her three girls Faith, Hope, and Charity. Faith didn’t believe in anything—Hope was a born pessimist—and Charity was a miser. You ought to be called Red Rose—you look like one when you’re mad. I’LL call you Red Rose. And you’ve roped me into promising to go to church? But only once a month, remember—only once a month.

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