Rainbow Valley

Faith obediently swallowed the big spoonful Norman held out to her. Luckily it WAS good.

“Best plum jam in the world,” said Norman, filling a large saucer and plumping it down before her. “Glad you like it. I’ll give you a couple of jars to take home with you. There’s nothing mean about me—never was. The devil can’t catch me at THAT corner, anyhow. It wasn’t my fault that Hester didn’t have a new hat for ten years. It was her own—she pinched on hats to save money to give yellow fellows over in China. I never gave a cent to missions in my life—never will. Never you try to bamboozle me into that! A hundred a year to the salary and church once a month—but no spoiling good heathens to make poor Christians! Why, girl, they wouldn’t be fit for heaven or hell—clean spoiled for either place—clean spoiled.

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