Rainbow Valley

Next day in school was a hard one for Faith. Mary Vance had told the tale of Adam, and all the scholars, except the Blythes, thought it quite a joke. The girls told Faith, between giggles, that it was too bad, and the boys wrote sardonic notes of condolence to her. Poor Faith went home from school feeling her very soul raw and smarting within her.

“I’m going over to Ingleside to have a talk with Mrs. Blythe,” she sobbed. “SHE won’t laugh at me, as everybody else does. I’ve just GOT to talk to somebody who understands how bad I feel.”

She ran down through Rainbow Valley. Enchantment had been at work the night before. A light snow had fallen and the powdered firs were dreaming of a spring to come and a joy to be. The long hill beyond was richly purple with leafless beeches.

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