Rainbow Valley

Rosemary did not laugh or feel like laughing. She understood and sympathized—really, she was almost as good as Mrs. Blythe—yes, quite as good.

“Mr. Perry is a minister, but he should have been a BUTCHER,” said Faith bitterly. “He is so fond of carving things up. He ENJOYED cutting poor Adam to pieces. He just sliced into him as if he were any common rooster.”

“Between you and me, Faith, I don’t like Mr. Perry very well myself,” said Rosemary, laughing a little—but at Mr. Perry, not at Adam, as Faith clearly understood. “I never did like him. I went to school with him—he was a Glen boy, you know—and he was a most detestable little prig even then. Oh, how we girls used to hate holding his fat, clammy hands in the ring-around games.

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