Rainbow Valley

“Doing now! You’re doing ALL the time,” retorted Mary. “Just as soon as the talk about one of your didos fades away you do something else to start it up again. It seems to me you haven’t any idea of how manse children ought to behave!”

“Maybe YOU can tell us,” said Jerry, killingly sarcastic.

Sarcasm was quite thrown away on Mary.

“I can tell you what will happen if you don’t learn to behave yourselves. The session will ask your father to resign. There now, Master Jerry-know-it-all. Mrs. Alec Davis said so to Mrs. Elliott. I heard her. I always have my ears pricked up when Mrs. Alec Davis comes to tea. She said you were all going from bad to worse and that though it was only what was to be expected when you had nobody to bring you up, still the congregation couldn’

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