Rainbow Valley

“We can ask Jem Blythe to be umpire. He is the squarest boy in Glen St. Mary. But I guess we can settle our own affairs mostly. We want to keep this as much of a secret as we can. Don’t breathe a word to Mary Vance. She’d want to join and do the bringing up.”

“I think,” said Faith, “that there’s no use in spoiling every day by dragging punishments in. Let’s have a punishment day.”

“We’d better choose Saturday because there is no school to interfere,” suggested Una.

“And spoil the one holiday in the week,” cried Faith. “Not much! No, let’s take Friday. That’s fish day, anyhow, and we all hate fish. We may as well have all the disagreeable things in one day. Then other days we can go ahead and have a good time.”

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