Rainbow Valley

“Why, he’s away, Anne dearie—he’s been away to New Brunswick for a week. And that young scalawag of a Joe Vickers is editing the Journal in his absence. Of course, Mr. Vickers would never have put it in, even if he is a Methodist, but Joe would just think it a good joke. As you say, I don’t suppose there is anything to be done now, only live it down. But if I ever get Joe Vickers cornered somewhere I’ll give him a talking to he won’t forget in a hurry. I wanted Marshall to stop our subscription to the Journal instantly, but he only laughed and said that to-day’s issue was the only one that had had anything readable in it for a year. Marshall never will take anything seriously—just like a man. Fortunately, Evan Boyd is like that, too. He takes it as a joke and is laughing all over the place about it.

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