Rainbow Valley

“Is that really so?” asked Anne, laughing. “I heard a rumour of it, but I hardly believed it.”

“Believe it! You may believe it all right, Anne, dearie. Nobody is in ignorance of it. Norman Douglas never left anybody in doubt as to his intentions in regard to anything. He always did his courting before the public. He told Marshall that he hadn’t thought about Ellen for years, but the first time he went to church last fall he saw her and fell in love with her all over again. He said he’d clean forgot how handsome she was. He hadn’t seen her for twenty years, if you can believe it. Of course he never went to church, and Ellen never went anywhere else round here. Oh, we all know what Norman means, but what Ellen means is a different matter. I shan’t take it upon me to predict whether it will be a match or not.”

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