Rainbow Valley

“He jilted her once—but it seems that does not count with some people, Mrs. Dr. dear,” Susan remarked rather acidly.

“He jilted her in a fit of temper and repented it all his life,” said Miss Cornelia. “That is different from a cold-blooded jilting. For my part, I never detested Norman as some folks do. He could never over-crow ME. I DO wonder what started him coming to church. I have never been able to believe Mrs. Wilsons’s story that Faith Meredith went there and bullied him into it. I’ve always intended to ask Faith herself, but I’ve never happened to think of it just when I saw her. What influence could SHE have over Norman Douglas? He was in the store when I left, bellowing with laughter over that scandalous letter. You could have heard him at Four Winds Point. ‘The greatest girl in the world,’ he was shouting.

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