Rainbow Valley

There is no more Christianity about him than there is about a black, naked heathen in Africa and never will be. But he’s clever and well read and he judges sermons as he would lectures. Anyhow, it’s well he backs up Mr. Meredith and the children as he does, for they’ll need friends more than ever after this. I am tired of making excuses for them, believe ME.”

“Do you know, dear Miss Cornelia,” said Anne seriously, “I think we have all been making too many excuses. It is very foolish and we ought to stop it. I am going to tell you what I’d LIKE to do. I shan’t do it, of course”—Anne had noted a glint of alarm in Susan’s eye—“it would be too unconventional, and we must be conventional or die, after we reach what is supposed to be a dignified age.

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