Rainbow Valley

“Anne Blythe, I wish you WOULD call that meeting and say just that! You’ve made me ashamed of myself, for one, and far be it from me to refuse to admit it. OF COURSE, that is how we should have talked—especially to the Methodists. And it’s every word of it true—every word. We’ve just been shutting our eyes to the big worth-while things and squinting them on the little things that don’t really matter a pin’s worth. Oh, Anne dearie, I can see a thing when it’s hammered into my head. No more apologizing for Cornelia Marshall! I shall hold MY head up after this, believe ME—though I MAY talk things over with you as usual just to relieve my feelings if the Merediths do any more startling stunts. Even that letter I felt so bad about—why, it’s only a good joke after all, as Norman says.

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