Rainbow Valley

“She is just hungry, you know—she didn’t eat a thing to-day—none of us did—we were all fasting.”

“Fasting!” said Mr. Meredith, and “Fasting?” said the doctor.

“Yes—to punish ourselves for singing Polly Wolly in the graveyard,” said Faith.

“My child, I don’t want you to punish yourselves for that,” said Mr. Meredith in distress. “I gave you your little scolding—and you were all penitent—and I forgave you.”

“Yes, but we had to be punished,” explained Faith. “It’s our rule—in our Good-Conduct Club, you know—if we do anything wrong, or anything that is likely to hurt father in the congregation, we HAVE to punish ourselves. We are bringing ourselves up, you know, because there is nobody to do it.”

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