Rainbow Valley

And I think you ought to know you’ve spoiled your pa’s match and I think it’s a pity, for he’s bound to marry somebody before long, and Rosemary West would have been the best wife I know of for him.”

“You told me all stepmothers were cruel and wicked,” said Una.

“Oh—well,” said Mary rather confusedly, “they’re mostly awful cranky, I know. But Rosemary West couldn’t be very mean to any one. I tell you if your pa turns round and marries Emmeline Drew you’ll wish you’d behaved yourselves better and not frightened Rosemary out of it. It’s awful that you’ve got such a reputation that no decent woman’ll marry your pa on account of you. Of course, I know that half the yarns that are told about you ain’t true. But give a dog a bad name.

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