Roughing It
Shields, And Breast-plates, And Head-plates, And Being Clothed After The Manner Of War, They Did March Forth One Against Another, To Battle; And They Fought All That Day, And Conquered Not. And It Came To Pass That When It Was Night They Were Weary, And Retired To Their Camps; And After They Had Retired To Their Camps, They Took Up A Howling And A Lamentation For The Loss Of The Slain Of Their People; And So Great Were Their Cries, Their Howlings And Lamentations, That It Did Rend The Air Exceedingly. And It Came To Pass That On The Morrow They Did Go Again To Battle, And Great And Terrible Was That Day; Nevertheless They Conquered Not, And When The Night Came Again, They Did Rend The Air With Their Cries, And Their Howlings, And Their Mournings, For The Loss Of The Slain Of Their
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