Roughing It
Pass That When The Men Of Coriantumr Had Received Sufficient Strength, That They Could Walk, They Were About To Flee For Their Lives, But Behold, Shiz Arose, And Also His Men, And He Swore In His Wrath That He Would Slay Coriantumr, Or He Would Perish By The Sword: Wherefore He Did Pursue Them, And On The Morrow He Did Overtake Them; And They Fought Again With The Sword. And It Came To Pass That When They Had All Fallen By The Sword, Save It Were Coriantumr And Shiz, Behold Shiz Had Fainted With Loss Of Blood. And It Came To Pass That When Coriantumr Had Leaned Upon His Sword, That He Rested A Little, He Smote Off The Head Of Shiz. And It Came To Pass That After He Had Smote Off The Head Of Shiz, That Shiz Raised Upon His Hands And Fell; And After That He Had Struggled For
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