Roughing It

duty like a man; helped his exhausted and insensible blonde, her parents and some others into a boat (the Duke helped himself in); then a child fell overboard at the other end of the raft and the lawyer rushed thither and helped half a dozen people fish it out, under the stimulus of its mother’s screams. Then he ran back—a few seconds too late—the blonde’s boat was under way. So he had to take the other boat, and go to the other ship. The storm increased and drove the vessels out of sight of each other—drove them whither it would.

When it calmed, at the end of three days, the blonde’s ship was seven hundred miles north of Boston and the other about seven hundred south of that port. The blonde’s captain was bound on a whaling cruise in the North Atlantic and could not go back such a distance or make a port without orders; such being nautical law. The lawyer’s captain was to cruise in the

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