Something Fresh

He had not hesitated long. Physical fitness was his gospel. On the subject of exercise he was confessedly a crank. He decided to defy London.

The first time he appeared in Arundell Street in his sweater and flannels he had barely whirled his Indian clubs once around his head before he had attracted the following audience:

a Two cabmen—one intoxicated; )

b Four waiters from the Hotel Mathis; )

c Six waiters from the Hotel Previtali; )

d Six chambermaids from the Hotel Mathis; )

e Five chambermaids from the Hotel Previtali; )

f The proprietor of the Hotel Mathis; )

g The proprietor of the Hotel Previtali; )

h A street cleaner; )

i Eleven nondescript loafers; )

j Twenty-seven children; )

k A cat. )

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