Tales from Shakespeare

the proud Cleopatra when she met her Anthony, a piece of work most bravely wrought.'

'This is true,' said Posthumus; 'but this you might have heard spoken of without seeing.'

'Then the chimney,' said Iachimo, 'is south of the chamber, and the chimney-piece is Diana bathing; never saw I figures livelier expressed.'

'This is a thing you might have likewise heard,' said Posthumus, 'for it is much talked of.'

Iachimo as accurately described the roof of the chamber; and added: 'I had almost forgot her andirons; they were two winking Cupids made of silver, each on one foot standing.' He then took out the bracelet, and said: 'Know you this jewel, sir? She gave me this. She took it from her arm. I see her yet; her pretty action did outsell her gift, and yet enriched it too. She gave it me, and said, she prized it once.' He last of all described the mole he had observed upon her neck.

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