Tales from Shakespeare

thing alive,' said Polydore. 'Peace, peace,' said Bellarius; 'if it were he, I am sure he would have spoken to us.' 'But we saw him dead,' again whispered Polydore. 'Be silent,' replied Bellarius.

Posthumus waited in silence to hear the welcome sentence of his own death; and he resolved not to disclose to the king that he had saved his life in the battle, lest that should move Cymbeline to pardon him.

Lucius, the Roman general, who had taken Imogen under his protection as his page, was the first (as has been before said who spoke to the king. He was a man of high courage and noble dignity, and this was his speech to the king:)

'I hear you take no ransom for your prisoners, but doom them all to death: I am a Roman, and with a Roman heart will suffer death. But there is one thing for which I would entreat.' Then bringing Imogen before the king, he said: 'This boy is a Briton born. Let

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