Tales from Shakespeare

sorrows of her daughter in-law.

Helena still kept her eyes fixed upon the letter, and cried out in an agony of grief: Till I have no wife, I have nothing in France. The countess asked her if she found those words in the letter? 'Yes, madam,' was all poor Helena could answer.

The next morning Helena was missing. She left a letter to be delivered to the countess after she was gone, to acquaint her with the reason of her sudden absence: in this letter she informed her that she was so much grieved at having driven Bertram from his native country and his home, that to atone for her offence, she had undertaken a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Jaques le Grand, and concluded with requesting the countess to inform her son that the wife he so hated had left his house for ever.

Bertram, when he left Paris, went to Florence, and there became an officer in the duke of Florence's army,

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