Tales from Shakespeare

being debarred from the enjoyment of society and recreation, what could ensue but dull melancholy and comfortless despair? The consequence is then, that your jealous kits have made your husband mad.'

Luciana would have excused her sister, saying, she always reprehended her husband mildly; and she said to her sister: 'Why do you hear these rebukes without answering them?' But the abbess had made her so plainly perceive her fault, that she could only answer: 'She has betrayed me to my own reproof.'

Adriana, though ashamed of her own conduct, still insisted on having her husband delivered up to her; but the abbess would suffer no person to enter her house, nor would she deliver up this unhappy man to the care of the jealous wife, determining herself to use gentle means for his recovery, and she retired into her house again, and ordered her gates to be shut against them.

During the course of this eventful day, in which so

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