Tales from Shakespeare

marry Juliet,' said Isabel. Lucio replied that Claudio would gladly marry Juliet, but that the lord deputy had sentenced him to die for his offence; 'Unless,' said he, 'you have the grace by your fair prayer to soften Angelo, and that is my business between you and your poor brother.' 'Alas!' said Isabel, 'what poor ability is there in me to do him good? I doubt I have no power to move Angelo.' 'Our doubts are traitors,' said Lucio, 'and make us lose the good we might often win, by fearing to attempt it. Go to lord Angelo! When maidens sue, and kneel, and weep, men give like gods.' 'I will see what I can do,' said Isabel: 'I will but stay to give the prioress notice of the affair, and then I will go to Angelo. Command me to my brother: soon at night I will send him word of my success.'

Isabel hastened to the palace, and threw herself on her knees before Angelo, saying: 'I am a woeful suitor to your honour, if it will please your honour to hear me.'

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