Tales from Shakespeare

he, 'I love you, Isabel.' 'My brother,' said Isabel, 'did so love Juliet, and yet you tell me he shall die for it.' 'But,' said Angelo, 'Claudio shall not die, if you will consent to visit me by stealth at night, even as Juliet left her father's house at night to come to Claudio.' Isabel, in amazement at his words, that he should tempt her to the same fault for which he passed sentence upon her brother, said: 'I would do as much for my poor brother as for myself; that is, were I under sentence of death, the impression of keen whips I would wear as rubies, and go to my death as to a bed that longing I had been sick for, ere I would yield myself up to this shame.' And then she told him, she hoped he only spoke these words to try her virtue. But he said: 'Believe me, on my honour, my words express my purpose.' Isabel, angered to the heart to hear him use the word Honour to express such dishonourable purposes, said: 'Ha! little honour to be much believed; and most pernicious

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