Tales from Shakespeare

from him his word of assurance for my brother's life. I have taken a due and wary note of the place; and with whispering and most guilty diligence he showed me the way twice over.' 'Are there no other tokens agreed upon between you, that Mariana must observe?' said the duke. 'No, none,' said Isabel, 'only to go when it is dark. I have told him my time can be but short; for I have made him think a servant comes along with me, and that this servant is persuaded I come about my brother.' The duke commended her discreet management, and she, turning to Mariana, said: 'Little have you to say to Angelo, when you depart from him, but soft and low: Remember now my brother!'

Mariana was that night conducted to the appointed place by Isabel, who rejoiced that she had, as she supposed, by this device preserved both her brother's life and her own honour. But that her brother's life was safe the duke was not well satisfied, and therefore at

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