Tales from Shakespeare

thy corpse, lying with simple shells. O Lychorida, bid Nestor bring me spices, ink, and paper, my casket and my jewels, and bid Nicandor bring me the satin coffin. Lay the babe upon the pillow, and go about this suddenly, Lychorida, while I say a priestly farewell to my Thaisa.'

They brought Pericles a large chest, in which (wrapped in a satin shroud he placed his queen, and sweet-smelling spices he strewed over her, and beside her he placed rich jewels, and a written paper, telling who she was, and praying if haply any one should kind the chest which contained the body of his wife, they would give her burial: and then with his own hands he cast the chest into the sea. When the storm was over, Pericles ordered the sailors to make for Tarsus. 'For,' said Pericles, 'the babe cannot hold out till we come to Tyre. At Tarsus I will leave it at careful nursing.')

After that tempestuous night when Thaisa was

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