Tales from Shakespeare

say her prayers. 'What mean you?' said Marina, who began to fear, she knew not why. 'If you require a little space for prayer, I grant it,' said Leonine; 'but be not tedious, the gods are quick of ear, and I am sworn to do my work in haste.' 'Will you kill me?' said Marina: 'alas! why?' 'To satisfy my lady,' replied Leonine. 'Why would she have me killed?' said Marina: 'now, as I can remember, I never hurt her in all my life. I never spake bad word, nor did any ill turn to any living creature. Believe me now, I never killed a mouse, nor hurt a fly. I trod upon a worm once against my will, but I wept for it. How have I offended?' The murderer replied: 'My commission is not to reason on the deed, but to do it.' And he was just going to kill her, when certain pirates happened to land at that very moment, who seeing Marina, bore her off as a prize to their ship.

The pirate who had made Marina his prize carried her to Mitylene, and sold her for a slave, where, though

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