The City of God, Volume I

had he done so, the father's sword would have delivered his son from this disgrace. The truth is, that his son, whom he both hoped and desired would be spared by C�sar, was not more loved by him than C�sar was envied the glory of pardoning him (as indeed C�sar himself is reported to have said; or if envy is too strong a word, let us say he was ashamed that this glory should be his.

that In That Virtue In Which Regulus Excels Cato, Christians Are Pre-eminently Distinguished.

Our opponents are offended at our preferring to Cato the saintly Job, who endured dreadful evils in his body rather than deliver himself from all torment by self-inflicted death; or other saints, of whom it is recorded in our authoritative and trustworthy books that they bore captivity and the oppression of their enemies rather than commit suicide. But their own books authorize us to prefer to Marcus Cato, Marcus

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