The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter

for breakfast.”

She watched him chew a huge mouthful. “No?”

“We need to ask you about Rochelle,” Royce said. “We’re looking for any special places, ancient churches or something that might be considered deeply sacred.”

“Grom Galimus,” she replied instantly.

“Besides that,” Hadrian managed to say after he swallowed.

Evelyn thought a moment. “Well, there is supposed to be an ancient burial ground up in Littleton. Dates back to the early imperial age. I’ve never been there. Littleton, or ‘Little Town’ as it was once called, is the dwarven ghetto. Not a safe neighborhood, you understand.”

“We’ve been there,” Royce said. “But that’s not it, either. There has to be another place, maybe something related to mir?”

Evelyn pondered while pouring tea for herself.

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