The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter

my husband. I need to show the bishop I’m still alive so Leo can be crowned king.”

“Should have thought of that before locking us in a stone room,” Hadrian said.

“I did,” Genny replied. She pointed at Royce, who had just managed to pop the lock and open the door.

Royce immediately raced out like a dog released from a cage after being teased by an arrogant squirrel.

“You knew he could pick locks?” Hadrian asked the duchess.

“I knew he wasn’t the type to allow himself to be confined in a cell unless he was positive he could get out. Business is like a card game: You have to judge people quickly and play the odds.”

Hadrian looked out the open door. Royce was already so far away they could no longer hear him. At that moment, the only sound came from the breeze and birds.

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