The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter

“I suppose you two were involved,” were the first words out of Evelyn’s mouth as she poured her obligatory morning tea.

“Indirectly,” Hadrian replied.

The lids came off the food. That morning’s thank-you to Novron had been a mere communal bowing of heads. As usual, the breakfast table was impeccable and laden with a feast fit for kings, emperors, and at least one pair of very quiet thieves.

Evelyn didn’t look at either of them, focusing instead on the amber stream spilling into her porcelain cup.

“The Seret will be coming soon. Such a thing happening in their own backyard must be addressed. They’re not known for being prudent. It’s likely they’ll seek justice, and it won’t matter who they choose to hold responsible.” She looked up. “A pair of no-account foreigners would be tops on their list. I think it best if

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