The Game of Logic

"Why, isn't he very rich?"

"Yes, of course he is. And what then?"

"Why, don't you see that it's absurd to call him a miserly merchant? Either he's not a merchant, or he's not a miser!"

  1. "It IS so kind of you to enquire! I'm really feeling a great deal better to-day."

"And is it Nature, or Art, that is to have the credit of this happy change?"

"Art, I think. The Doctor has given me some of that patent medicine of his."

"Well, I'll never call him a humbug again. There's SOMEBODY, at any rate, that feels better after taking his medicine!"

  1. "No, I don't like you one bit. And I'll go and play with my doll. DOLLS are never unkind."
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