The Game of Logic

"So you like a doll better than a cousin? Oh you little silly!"

"Of course I do! COUSINS are never kind--at least no cousins I've ever seen."

"Well, and what does THAT prove, I'd like to know! If you mean that cousins aren't dolls, who ever said they were?"

  1. "What are you talking about geraniums for? You can't tell one flower from another, at this distance! I grant you they're all RED flowers: it doesn't need a telescope to know THAT."

"Well, some geraniums are red, aren't they?"

"I don't deny it. And what then? I suppose you'll be telling me some of those flowers are geraniums!"

"Of course that's what I should tell you, if you'd the sense to follow an argument! But what's the good of proving anything to YOU, I should like to know?"

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