The Game of Logic
  1. No old rabbits are greedy.
  2. Some not-greedy rabbits are black.
  3. All white rabbits are free from greediness.
  4. All greedy rabbits are young.
  5. No old rabbits are greedy; All black rabbits are greedy.
  6. All rabbits, that are not greedy, are black; No old rabbits are free from greediness.

Taking "birds" as Universe; m="that sing loud"; x="well-fed"; and y="happy"; represent

  1. All well-fed birds sing loud; No birds, that sing loud, are unhappy.
  2. All birds, that do not sing loud, are unhappy; No well-fed birds fail to sing loud.

Taking "persons" as Universe; m="in the house"; x="John"; and y="having a tooth-ache"; represent

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